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Sustainable development is our philosophy, being wood as a natural resource the raw material par excellence that ensures the quality of the products we manufacture. Therefore, we commit and guarantee the traceability of purchased raw materials, encouraging the consumption of products from forests with sustainable forest management.

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MARIANO HERVAS, S.A. has acquired the commitment to work in an environment of continuous improvement to guarantee the quality of products according to the ISO-UNE-9001:2015 standard, and to carry out its processes and tasks while respecting the environment. To do this, it has the material resources and the necessary template for the design and manufacture of floating flooring or multilayer parquet, which are best suited at all times to meet the needs of its customers.

Our commitment to continuous improvement in quality and environmental management is always present in the processes and tasks to be carried out and this translates into:

  • Consider our clients, as the object of our business, whom we will satisfy in the best possible way.
  • For this, qualitatively and quantitatively effective processes are used.
  • And communication with our clients is the pillar on which we base ourselves, properly attending to any claim, incident or doubt that may arise.
  • We supply them with sustainable products, which have been made in controlled processes. Being the suppliers of MARIANO HERVÁS, S.A. subjected to an evaluation prior to the first purchase or service, and a continuous evaluation over time, with the dual purpose of ensuring their ability to supply in accordance with the specified requirements and verifying compliance with such requirements over time.
  • We will value customer satisfaction as a starting point for the improvement of our processes.
  • To carry out all this, at MARIANO HERVÁS, SA, we consider that protecting the environment is essential for the quality of life of current and future generations and, therefore, among the most basic aspirations of our company, is promoting sustainable forest management, and the development of products that include a commitment to our planet.


Sigüenza, August 31, 2022
Javier Hervás Cuevas

We are a family business with a vocation and love for wood. Since its founding in 1960 on the outskirts of Sigüenza (Guadalajara) by Mariano Hervás, we have been characterized by our innovative spirit and great respect for nature.

Throughout five decades, we have introduced the most modern industrial techniques for the treatment of wood thanks to our commitment to R&D, but without ever forgetting the artisan essence that is kept alive in the family.



In 2003, we became the first Spanish company to receive the Forest Products Chain of Custody Certification (PEFC), which verifies that the wood comes from sustainable forests. This environmental commitment was again reinforced in 2015 with the obtaining of the FSC certificate.


Currently Pedro and Javier Hervás, the founder’s sons, are the directors of the company. Our firm has become one of the leading national brands in parquet production, as well as one of the leading companies in the sector. In our business philosophy, the innovative spirit and deep respect for nature stand out, thus instilling in its suppliers the defense of sustainable forest management.

Our main is to use the most modern techniques without losing the essence that defines us, the artisan work. As a result of this vocation in innovation and development of new products, in MH Parquets y Tarimas we elaborated, in 2009, the first collection of signature pavements, together with the renowned designer and trendsetter Joan Lao.

Left-right: Pedro, Mariano and Javier Hervás. Two generations at the helm of MH

Traditional manufacture of parquets and wood coatings in Sigüenza (Guadalajara)

For more than five decades, at MH Parquets y Tarimas we have been incorporating the most modern industrial wood treatment techniques, making substantial investments in R&D, but without forgetting the essence and craftsmanship, infused by Mariano Hervás, our founder .

Today we are a leading company in Spain in the manufacture of parquet flooring and coatings, which combines efficiency and international projection from the province of Guadalajara.


Wood from sustainable management forests is the ideal material for construction, interior design and decoration, since it is a natural, ecological and renewable product. Unfortunately, not all the wood that surrounds us comes from responsibly controlled forests. For decades, large forest areas of the planet have been deforested and felled indiscriminately, causing serious environmental imbalances and a significant decrease in CO2 fixation, due to the lower amount of afforestation on the planet.


The certification is a process that gives rise to a written declaration that accredits the origin of the unprocessed wood and its situation and / or its characteristics, after validation by an independent third party. The purpose of the certification is that those who adopt it can contrast their forest management practices with the stipulated standards and verify their compliance.

We respect the environment with certificates at national and international level.


Custody Chain Certification is the mechanism that verifies that the wood used by the processing industry comes from forests managed according to sustainability criteria. It constitutes the post-certification stage of Sustainable Forest Management and is a necessary procedure to know the origin of the product we are buying.

The audit is performed by an auditor or team of auditors independent of the PEFC System, since this is not an entity of accreditation or certification. This auditor will be the one who verifies the origin of the wood used and its subsequent passage through the processing industries. The accreditation of the entities responsible for carrying out this certification in the Spanish State is carried out by ENAC, National Accreditation Entity, recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

PEFC Cadena de custodia

ISO 9001·2015

FSCTM (C-120939)


Gestión de calidad ER-1108·2002

Leaders in the manufacture and distribution of parquets and wood coatings

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