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This outdoor collection comes from Energía Natural, with both sharing the spirit of wood exposed to natural elements. In this case, products are made of eucalyptus and ash wood, and have been subjected to a heat treatment with temperatures between 180oC and 220oC.

No biocides nor added chemicals have been used, which makes them environmentally sensitive products and the wood is totally recyclable. Its surface treatment treatment requires a lot of experience and technical knowledge.


Thermotreated wood is subjected to a heat treatment that alters some of its qualities. In essence it consists in raising the temperature of the wood almost to the point of combustion, above 200 degrees. This process, which can last approximately 8 hours, not only requires the total absence of oxygen, chemicals are not added.


Fresno Termotratado Crudo

Eucalipto Termotratado Oscuro Corte

Eucalipto Termotratado Natural Erosión

Eucalipto termotratado crudo



It is a renewable and recyclable wood that comes from cultivated forests. The development of these forests, which have their origins in Argentina in the 1940s and expanded worldwide in the 1970s, has meant a change in timber culture. It removes pressure from native woods and helps to preserve natural ecosystems.


Length …………………….. variable
Width ……………………. 90 mm
Suitable for floor and wall


It is a strong and stable wood with great resistance. In its natural state, it has yellow and white tones with bright touches.


Lenght …………………….. variable
Width ……………………. 100 mm
Suitable for floor and wall


Oiled or Raw


Variety of designs according to your installation creating shapes and drawings, typology according to the different designs of the parquet and its installation.

Installation of the parquet in a traditional way.


Japanese culture calls Wabi Sabi to a special quality of things that determines its beauty, an irresistible attraction for those who appreciate the quality of eroded materials, the wear and tear produced by the passage of time in nature.


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Reproduces the action of the environmental agents on wood, improving its appearance and locating it in a natural place. Superficial scratching.


A rigorous treatment that provides the planks with a special wear characteristic. Superficial scratching, combined with cutting with a crosscut saw.


The action of time faithfully reproduced on the wood by means of a daring texture. Deeper scratching, edges hit with a brush.


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Profile and placement

Brushed 4 faces for screwed placement.
Grooved female on both longitudinal sides for stapling (tongue and groove in heads). These staples are inserted into the milled edges of the pallets.
Separation between pallets of 5 to 7 mm.


If it is oiled, it is recommended to do it every 6 or 12 months, depending on the weather conditions. Clean first with water and neutral detergent, apply a layer of oil (factory recommended) emulsified in water and applicable to a brush or roller.

When installed without finishing, the properties of the wood remain intact despite the fact that the natural brown/tan color of the
wood fades and turns gray over time due to UV rays. This grayish appearance is equally elegant. The recommended cleaning is also with water and neutral detergent.

The screws may have to be retightened after a while since installation.

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