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Energía Natural by Joan Lao

The collection reflects on the surface of the substrates the natural wood produced by the meteorological elements in the nature: the white wood discolored by the sea, the gray tones of the cane, the silvery bark of the trees, the dark aged wood … each with a different textures. Energía Natural reproduces the wear produced by the passage of time in nature , the imperfection of the craftsman’s hand.

Sede Knoll® Los Angeles (CA)

Live wood by Joan Lao

A new way of understanding wood paneling. We return to the essence of the material in a cult of natural wear. Thus, this collection presents a wild, old, deteriorated and recovered wood. With a mineral finish that gives it a fossilized appearance, from pigments made from natural earth that enhance its texture, elasticity and resistance.

Thanks to the delicate treatment that is given to the raw material, the maximum expression of the textures of wild pine are achieved.

Simulación en proyecto Masía · Cruïlles (GI)

Chico by Relativespace

The narrow strip parquet collection, thanks to the new 44mm XXS format wide, reflects the concept of urban pavements, the traditional paving stones that are used in the streets of many cities.

En colaboración con RelativeSpace Canada/US

Robles by MH

The parquets of Robles collection show the different personalities of this high-quality wood through its colors and textures. These parquets are made of three layers cross engineered. The exposed layer is made of oak, while its counterbalance is made of spruce: this allows the best balance. The totally natural origin of the oak wood means that each layer has its own characteristics.

Six Senses Kaplankaya (Turkey)

Conektors by A.P.O

The collection that marks a turning point in the design of parquet, was born from the collaboration of MH Parquets with A.P.O. on the premise that parquet is a structure, a system. This construction is the result of the adhesion of separate pieces of wood joined one by one to form a whole.

With the Conektors collection, these joints are highlighted, creating tension points where the wood joins both horizontally and vertically. These pieces contrast with the tones of the wood, create tension points, guide routes and delimit spaces. Traditional parquet compositions are put at the service of a new language to create new meanings.

SVD · Sivasdescalzo (BCN)

Especies by MH

These hardwood parquet floors come from species from all over the world, providing the latest generation of finishes and treatments. These characteristics, together with internal manufacturing processes and hardening the top layer of wood, have demonstrated their suitability even in the most demanding situations.

In addition, the top layer ensures a lasting result. If the floor wears out with use, it can be polished, brushed and treated, leaving it looking new.

Instalación de pavimento Doussie en estudio de arquitectura

Leaders in the manufacture and distribution of parquets and wood coatings

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